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Meet the ALPHA Team

James Chen - ALPHA Dog

Serial Entrepreneur, has Been in the Automotive Wheels and Accessories business for 30 years, (yes, he is old). He has been wheeling his ‘94 Defender 90 since 1994. He identified a need in the overlanding space for high quality, modest priced wheels and products, that are well built and no-nonsense. He founded ALPHAequipt.

Wheels: Mercedes-Benz G 4x4 Squared (He is the shortest guy here, but has the tallest vehicle)

Chris Quimbo - ALPHA Q

Coming from 20+ years in the import tuning scene, Chris discovered the fun of thrashing around in the dirt after picking up a Lexus GX470. Whenever he's not wheelin', you can find him playing with bulldogs or grooming his mustache. Classically trained in the world of Organizational Management, Chris heads up Marketing for ALPHAequipt.

Wheels : Lexus GX470

Kris Serrano - ALPHA K

Kris Serrano heads Sales for ALPHAequipt. He has been in the aftermarket automotive industry for over 20 years, both in the retail and wholesale aspects. Need to know anything about Pop Culture related? Ask Kris! Movies? Check! Music? Check! Comics? Check! He is a geek, and owns it.

Wheels: Jeep JL

Kamron Garza - ALPHA JR

Newest & youngest member of the crew. An avid photographer & videographer, producing content for his family and friends since childhood. Previously employed in the professional detailing industry, Kamron is extremely knowledgeable on detailing, ceramic coatings & vinyl/PPF. Ask him for all your detailing needs!

Wheels: Porsche 987